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Minor Dent Repair Service in Melbourne

Paintless dent repair is a typical method of fixing minor dents in the body of a vehicle. The majority of the dents are acquired during accidents. It could be a small or a minor dent, or it might be a huge one. It all varies on the impact of the bump on the region.

Take note that huge dents can’t be fixed by PDR alone. Normally, they are repaired by a complete replacement of that part of the car. Dent Repair Service in Melbourneisa simple and convenient type of repair service, as the damaged dent does not take too long to repair. It’s normally done as a mobile dent removal service by 360 Dent Repair.

How Does Dent Repairs Melbourne Work?

This method is performed by utilizing specialized tools to push the dents on the inner side of the part being fixed. Screws or glues are also utilized outside the dent surface, pulling the dent outward and return to its original position.

The surface is cautiously smoothened out. Flaws are removed to make the region look as it was never repaired or dented at all. The goal of this process is to repair the car dents, making it look unharmed. It might be done on aluminium or steel type of panel.

Dent repairs are the ideal method compared to standard dent repair. It is done quickly and is cost-efficiently. You see, the dents are fixed carefully and manually so repainting the region will no longer be required. That’s the main reason why it’s offered as a mobile dent repair service.

Professional Dent Repair Technicians Fixing Your Dents

Repairing a dent without the need for a repair is carefully performed section by section. This prevents scratching the surface of the dented region or chipping the paint off. Only skilled professional dent repair technicians could perform this work.

When done at home utilising step-by-step guides or manuals, it might lead to a larger issue and repair. It will simply add up to the cost of the repair. Often, the damage might no longer be fixed.

In spite of the accessibility of most dental repair tools already accessible within the market, some specialised tool might be found only in dent repair centres. It’s best to bring your car to repair centres for assessment on the damages.
Car repair specialists at 360 Dent Repair can quote the repairs required to be performed on the damage. We can offer you the cost of the repair.

The price is a bit costly. Thus, another option to repair dents without the excessive price and still receive a similar quality of service is to employ the services of our mobile dent service. There’s no need to bring your vehicle and leave it for a few days in the repair shop. With our mobile dent repair, we will come to you, fix the damaged area in less than an hour, depending on the level of the damage.

Allow a mobile dent repair company from 360 Dent Repair fix your car dents!



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Once the quote’s approved, the repair is booked in at a location that’s convenient for the customer (and safe for the repair to take place).


Technician arrives at the agreed-to-repair location (home or office) and completes the repair to best practice industry standards.

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